Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood Sends Letter to TCU President Scardelletti

In a response to the letter TCU President Bob Scardelletti sent (Click here to view the letter), on the re-direction of Florida’s high speed rail funds, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood thanked President Scardelletti for his letter and laid out how the Northeast has now been designated a High Speed Rail Corridor.

Secretary LaHood said, “Thank you for your letter requesting that I consider redistributing Federal funding that had been allocated to Florida under the High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program to the Northeast Corridor…I appreciate your interest in the HSIPR Program, and I look forward to its success along the Northeast Corridor and throughout the Nation.”

TCU President Scardelletti said, “This would mark a major step forward in building the Northeast Corridor for the future…aside from the good paying jobs this service will create, it will also be a much needed travel alternative for the traveling public.  New high-speed trains would divert riders from highways and will reduce both congestion and our dependence on foreign oil.”

Click here to view the letter from Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

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