TCU Sends Letters to Secretary of Transportation in Support of Tiger Grants Where TCU has Working Members

TCU President Bob Scardelletti knows how important it is to support railroad projects that have the potential of creating more jobs for our members.  He wrote several letters to Ray LaHood, Secretary U.S. Department of Transportation, in support of federal grants involving railroads where TCU has members working.

Metra has submitted a grant application for the MD-W Fox River Bridge and is an important component of Metra’s MD-W commuter rail line and the region’s freight rail network.  Metra serves more than 100 communities with 241 stations on 11 lines running from Chicago’s downtown. TCU represents 790 clerks, Carmen and supervisors that work on Metra.

The Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT) has applied for a federal grant for the White River Freight Railroad Bridge Replacement Project.  The Indiana Rail Road Company (INRD), hauls a variety of consumer, energy and industrial products, and serves central and southwest Indiana. It was slated for abandonment 26 years ago, and today this short line railroad has transformed the railroad into a state-of-the-art, heavy-haul transportation system and employs 19 TCU Carmen.

Alaska Railroad Corporation (AARC) has submitted an Application for the Seward East Dock Expansion. The AARC is a full-service freight and passenger railroad linking ports and communities to major metropolitan areas. TCU represents 45 Carmen and this new dock will improve the safety, efficiency and capacity of freight intermodal operations (ship-to-train) with the potential of creating more jobs for our members.

Click here to read the Fox river Bridge letter.

Click here to read the White River Freight Railroad Bridge Replacement Project letter.

Click here to read the Seward East Dock Expansion letter.

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