Congressional Leaders meet with Amazon Employees in Support of Union Vote

A group of House Democrats met with Amazon workers in Alabama, the latest move to support union drives as it tries to get pro-labor legislation through Congress.

Organized by Rep. Andy Levin of Michigan, a labor lawyer who worked for years with the AFL-CIO, the delegation will include Rep. Terri A. Sewell of Alabama and three liberal freshmen: Reps. Nikema Williams (Ga.), Cori Bush (Mo.) and Jamaal Bowman (N.Y.). Bush and Bowman were elected after ousting longtime incumbents in the 2020 primaries.
“This is about standing in solidarity with workers, with labor and uplifting the working class,” Bowman said in an interview before heading to the Bessemer, Ala., union hall. “I was a member of the teachers union and the principals union during my time in public education. My wife is a teacher, and she’s in a union. So this is personal for me.”
“This is the most important election for the working class of this country in the 21st century,” Rep. Levin said, addressing workers in Bessemer. “This is the biggest election in the south in a generation.”
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