Labor Day 2020

A Labor Day Message from TCU President Artie Maratea:

The belief that working people are stronger together has always been the driving force of the labor movement. TCU Members know that the collective power we hold is critical to making life better for our families. That kind of solidarity is needed now more than ever:

Sisters and brothers, TCU members are working hard all across this country. This pandemic has shown us how much we need to support each other. A strong, vibrant labor movement — one that gets in front of change, supports its members and stands in solidarity with everyone is the only way to create the kind of future we all want and deserve.

TCU stands with working families across this country. Labor Day is the holiday for the working man. The day that celebrates the hard work and dedication we go through to support our families. I wish all TCU members and hard working men and women everywhere an enjoyable Labor Day,

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Click here for a Labor Day message from IAM President Bob Martinez.

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