TCU President Bob Scardelletti Juneteenth Statement – Supporting George Floyd Protests and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Celebrating Juneteenth this year has taken a special meaning and driven a purpose into this nation. As we celebrate the emancipation of slavery in this country, we must face and eliminate racial inequality and injustice in our society.

In 1978 the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters merged into TCU and that storied history has a voice that needs to be heard today. It is clear that we must continue what those before us started, racism and discrimination remain a widespread scourge on our nation.

TCU will not tolerate any form of discrimination on-or-off the job. It goes against everything we stand for as we continue to fight for our hard-working members.

I am reminded of the words spoken by A. Philip Randolph on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial August 28, 1963:

We know that real freedom will require many changes in the nation’s political and social philosophies and institutions…

…all who oppose our militancy, who exhort patience in the name of false peace, are in fact supporting segregation and exploitation. They would have social peace at the expense of social and racial justice.

They are more concerned with easing racial tensions than enforcing racial democracy.

Those words are as meaningful today as they were then, the change that is needed is just as essential in today’s society as the civil rights movement in the 60’s when these words were spoken.

TCU joins with all of labor supporting the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, they are only the beginning, real freedom will require everyone to act and make their voice heard. Speak out against injustice! Ask yourself what can you do to contribute so that we can live in a more just society.

In solidarity
Bob Scardelletti

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