TCU building displays BIDEN 2020 banner

In support of the Biden 2020 presidential campaign, the TCU building will display the Biden 2020 banner until the election on November 3rd.

TCU Members deserve leadership in Washington that will serve those who have worked hard and made sacrifices for the good of this country. We need a leader in the White House who will put their interests first, who knows how to guide our country through this public health and economic crisis, and who understands that smart investments in and support for our transportation network are critical to economic recovery and expansion. That leader is Joe Biden.

As President, we know that Biden will fight for TCU and working families. For more than 36 years, he has stood by his conviction that America works best when we put the needs of working class Americans first. He understands that a well-funded, safe, and secure transportation system and infrastructure is critical to the health of our economy and the needs of working families.

Joe Biden will stand with TCU and now is the time for us to stand with him!

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