TCU Convention – Bob Scardelletti Delivers Keynote Address

TCU President Bob Scardelletti delivered a strong and passionate Keynote address to the delegates at the 35th TCU Regular Convention.

He inspired the room, touching on topics from the histories of TCU, IAM and the Carmen Division, to strong union leadership and how the recent Janus decision is a plain and simple case of union busting.

President Scardelletti proudly declared that the TCU/IAM 119th Anniversary is for everyone to celebrate, “We are among the oldest unions in America, in the beginning we were beaten, cursed, fired, black balled, blood, sweat, tears and death.”

“It took hundreds of thousands of members standing together and thousands of local reps, people like you, to bring us to where we are today.”

“Because of that we do, so successfully, that we are under siege. We have politicians advancing legislation to dismantle our labor laws. And now we have judges reinterpreting existing law to eliminate unions and collective bargaining.”

IAM International President Bob Martinez Addressed the Convention Delegates

“Shame on each and every one of them. Make no mistake about it they seek to undermine the union movement and take us back to a time when wages were a pittance, no health care, no pensions, workers barely existed.”

President Scardelletti said the together we are strong, “We are not going back! We do not apologize for our good wages and benefits; they are the result of our labor. TCU will never back down! Not as long as I am President! Not as long as I have the good officers here to fight with me!

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