TCU Holds Inaugural Zoom Leadership Program for New Local Chairs

In his August 2020 letter to the membership, National President Maratea announced his initiative to implement online training for local officers and full time representatives to ensure that they receive the vital tools and knowledge necessary to effectively represent the membership. Accordingly, TCU’s online Leadership Program was launched.

Three two-day virtual courses were held in mid-October, collectively attended by 45 newly elected Local Chairpersons and Local Lodge Officers. Classes were comprised of individual course work and both lecture and interactive Zoom sessions. National Officers and staff informed participants of major issues affecting TCU and its membership. Then, participants were immersed in instruction covering disciplinary investigations, the duty of fair representation and claims writing.

“It is my hope that soon we are able to return to the Brick and Mortar classes at the IAMAW Winpisinger Center – there are so many great programs there and we had an excellent yearly Leadership Program there. It is a great school with wonderful staff committed to Labor Education, and it’s a shame that it was shut down with the pandemic. Until traditional in-person training can reconvene, and even after, we will continue with virtual classes.  I’d like to thank all the Officers and staff who put this program together, as well as all of the full time Representatives who observed and supported the program. Most of all, I’d like to thank the Local Lodge participants who understood the value in further educating themselves for the best interests of the members they serve. Your feedback will help cultivate future virtual programs, and I hope you will continue participating in them.”  —National President Maratea

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