TCU Members – Register for IAM’s 2020 Presidential Endorsement Election

Don’t miss the opportunity to help choose who the IAM should endorse for the U.S. president. Register today and be a part of the decision.

There’s a new process that gives IAM members the opportunity to vote online for a candidate of their choice. To do so, you must register to vote in our endorsement process at

For TCU members, you will need your IAM book number which can be found on your membership card and your Local Lodge number (all TCU Locals begin with the letter T).

If you need help getting your book# or Lodge# please contact TCU Communications Director Kevin Gifford at (301) 840-8741 or at

Martinez further explains the new endorsement process here.

Several presidential candidates have already spoken before the IAM.

“The membership should have the right to express their voice in who their union endorses for U.S. president,” Martinez added.

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