TCU Updates Social Media and Moderation Policy

TCU reviewed the Social Media moderation policy in place for its current social media platforms.
The new policy as published is:

TCU/IAM social media content is created by people using Internet based publishing technologies with the intent of getting information to TCU/IAM members in a broad manner. The goal of the TCU/IAM social media communication efforts is to create a positive and engaging environment where TCU/IAM can properly distribute the message of the Union directly to TCU/IAM members and allies. The use of TCU/IAM social media platforms is only by approved personnel. All content posted as TCU must have approval before posting and requests for use should be consistent with all TCU/IAM policies.

TCU Guidelines for Moderating Comments:

TCU/IAM reserves the right to monitor all postings to its social media pages. If user content is professional, accurate and in context to the conversation, the content will be allowed to remain. If the content is offensive, demeaning or out of context, the content will be rejected and removed. TCU/IAM reserves its right to delete any postings or comments that include:

  • Electioneering for internal union elections.
  • Foul, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous or threatening language.
  • Invasion of privacy; racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language.
  • Material that is in violation of trademark or copyright laws or other laws.
  • Comments irrelevant to the post.
  • Attacks that identify individuals, companies, unions or other organizations.
  • The Transmission of spam, flaming, flooding, advertisements or solicitations.
  • Negative and/or divisive comments from anyone without a union connection will be removed and the account banned from commenting.

This policy will be updated as necessary and all updates must be approved by the TCU/IAM National President or his designee.

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