TCU Vice-President Matt Hollis Appears on CNN’s First Move

Look for Matt again on CNN, tentatively Saturday July 11th with Ana Cabrera

TCU Vice-President Matt Hollis, the head of the coalition representing 43,000 Walt Disney World service workers (STCU) appeared on CNN’s First Move to discuss the opening of Disney World on July 11th.

During the interview discussing safety and concerns about a safe opening Matt said, “Disney has consistently and timely addressed the concerns that we brought up and we expect that to continue.”

“This is a good opportunity to demonstrate that in work forces where employees have a union, they have a voice in their working conditions, if the employers take those concerns seriously and implement them consistently then Disney can lead the way in demonstrating how to open up a theme park.

“If there is one company who has the resources to do this the right way and if there is one company who has every reason to do it the right way it is Disney.”

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