TCU Vice President Matt Hollis – Disney has to get Florida Reopening Right

TCU Vice President Matt Hollis is the head of the group of unions representing 43,000 Walt Disney World service workers (STCU) said that Disney “has to get it right” in regard to its phased Florida reopening Saturday.

He said that Disney was responding with robust measures to protect employees following worries over safety. He acknowledges that there will likely be cases of coronavirus in the park, but he is confident that the company will take the steps necessary to keep the employees safe.

Brother Hollis stated, “If there is one company who has the resources to do this the right way and if there is one company who has every reason to do it the right way it is Disney. The STCU is working everyday to address any safety concerns on behalf of our members and will continue to do so. We are excited to welcome back the thousands of cast members already recalled and look forward to having all the furloughed workers back to work soon.”

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