TCU Wins Big for Member at Disney

A TCU/IAM member who was fired from their position at Walt Disney World was returned to service with full backpay.

TCU Assistant National Field Representative Staci Bowermeister-Shkoler, recently won a case for a dismissed TCU/IAM member who was working as a bellman at Walt Disney World. The member was terminated due to receiving a guest complaint that was ultimately found to be unsubstantiated.

“Staci exhausted every effort available in her investigation of this case and representation of this member, she was convinced that our member should not have been disciplined and she was determined to win this case. She did just that” said Matt Hollis, TCU/IAM National Vice President.

Sister Bowermeister- Shkoler progressed the grievance and ultimately won the case at Joint Standing. She went on to secure the member almost $8,000 in back wages. Representing our members in the face of unjust discipline is just one of the day to responsibilities of being a union representative. Even more it is just one of the benefits of being a union member.

“This member deserved justice and got it. Seeing this member’s relief once he learned that he was getting his job back, his name cleared and his wages restored was really exciting. His union fought hard for him and we won big for him. He deserved it and it feels great” said Sister Bowermeister-Shkoler.

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