Thank You to MTA Workers: Long Island, NYC Entering Next Phases

Station Cleaner Omar Lopez, Member of TCU Local 90, at work.

Long Island and New York City are on track to enter the next phases of reopening for each region as health metrics show the state has curtailed the coronavirus spread, even as spikes occur in other parts of the country, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Wednesday.

Nassau and Suffolk counties are expected to enter Phase 3 on June 24, which would allow food services and personal care businesses to reopen.

“We are going to turn the page on the immediacy of this crisis,” Quomo said. “I hope people around the country look at New York and ask ‘how did they do that?’ ” bringing the COVID-19 infection levels from the worst to the best in the country.

The Long Island Rail Road is continuing efforts to put returning riders at ease. LIRR customer service ambassadors remain deployed at more than 40 stations throughout the system, distributing face masks and hand sanitizer, and helping promote social distancing, according to TCU National Representative Nicholas Peluso.

“We do this all the way from Long Island out to Penn and Jamaica,” said Peluso, “We’re out there to help the customers feel safe in returning back to some sort of normalcy throughout Long Island.”

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