TTD Release – Two Qualified Crewmembers are Needed on All Freight Trains

In a recent release from the Transportation Trades Department AFL/CIO (TTD) of which TCU is a member:

Our federal government recently prioritized the profits of the freight rail industry over safety by refusing to set standards for crew train size. The same agency — the federal railroad administration — also declared state laws that do set crew size null and void, paving the way for freight trains, which can be up to 2-miles long and carry hazardous materials, to be operated with a skeleton crew.

Here’s what those who support skeleton crew operations don’t seem to understand: Conductors and engineers work together to safely get trains to their destinations, and during an emergency, their teamwork is critical. It is the conductor’s job to get off the train, assess the situation and address any life-threatening issues. It is the engineer’s job to stay on board, communicate with dispatchers and other trains in the area, and make sure that the locomotive is secure.

Click here to read the full release from the TTD.

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