Aetna will stop using LabCorp for lab services July 1, 2007

Effective July 1, 2007, LabCorp will no longer be a network provider of laboratory services for Aetna.  This applies to all whose health care benefits are administered by Aetna, either under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan (Group Policy GA-23000) or AmPlan.

Quest Diagnostics, Aetna’s national preferred provider of laboratory services, will continue to provide in-network services as usual, along with many regional and local laboratory service providers.

Make note of this change now: If your physician sends you or your samples to a lab that does not participate in Aetna’s network—including LabCorp after June 30—you may be subject to higher, out-of-network costs as described in your benefit plan.

Don’t be confused.  If you are covered by United Healthcare you already have the reverse situation: Quest Diagnostics is no longer a participating network laboratory in their network of providers; United Healthcare uses LabCorp as its national preferred provider of laboratory services.

To avoid problems, TCU recommends that you ask your physician to verify that the lab they will be using participates in your plan administrator’s network.  If you have any questions about network providers, call the customer service phone number on your ID card or click for Aetna online or United Healthcare online.

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