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  • Member Benefits , TCU September 25, 2020

    Union Plus Programs for TCU Members

    Since 1986, the Transportation Communications Union/IAM has endorsed the union member only programs sponsored by Union Plus. Over the years, Union Plus has expanded their programs from their beginnings with the TCU/IAM MasterCard program to now a wide range of money savings programs, all for union members only. TCU fully supports the programs available active

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  • Member Benefits , TCU September 4, 2020

    Railroad Retirement Board Release Regarding Unemployment and Sickness Benefits Payable Under the Railroad Retirement Insurance Act (RUIA)

    The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) released a questions and answers that describes unemployment and sickness benefits payable under the Railroad Retirement Insurance Act (RUIA), their eligibility requirements, and how to claim them. In addition, it details how the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, affects the RRB’s administration of benefits under

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  • Member Benefits , TCU August 28, 2020

    Union Plus Programs Available to TCU Members

    Union Plus is here to help you, our TCU/IAM members and their families, with financial assistance during these trying times of COVID-19. Union Plus offers options for obtaining financial assistance from Job Loss grants for those with a TCU/IAM credit card or personal loan, hardship grants; financial assistance for those with a Union Plus mortgage;

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  • Member Benefits , TCU June 26, 2020

    Change to the Flexible Spending Account for Members Covered Under (GA-23000)

    MEMBERS COVERED UNDER THE RAILROAD EMPLOYEES NATIONAL HEALTH AND WELFARE PLAN (GA-23000) Change to the Flexible Spending account This is to make you aware of a change involving the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan Flexible Spending Account. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis and the lack of access to physicians or to

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  • Member Benefits , TCU June 23, 2020


    This is to make you aware of an upcoming administrative change for eligible employees covered under the Supplemental Sickness Benefit (SSB) Plan for Shopcraft Employees. Effective August 1, 2020, the Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan, currently administered by Aetna, will transition to The Hartford. Nothing about the SSB Plan currently with Aetna is changing, here’s what

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