Disney Discount from UP for Summer ’08

Just in time for summer vacation! Union families can now save as much as $26 on each Disney World ticket purchased for the four major theme parks. You can also use your Union Plus Entertainment Discount for discounted “park hopper” tickets that admit you to all four theme parks—Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom—plus water parks and more.

Already been to Disney World? Use your Union Plus Entertainment Discounts to save as much as 40% off regularly priced movie tickets, and get discounts on gift certificates, Major League baseball tickets, museum admissions, Broadway tickets, and a lot more.

Remember to use Company Member ID: 744387769 when calling or ordering tickets by mail.

Check out age and height requirements for any theme park attractions before arriving. You don’t want your child to look forward to a ride he or she can’t go on because of age or height. Save time and use the Disney World Fastpass. It’s free, it’s simple, and it saves you tons of time standing in line for those highly popular rides.

Visit the Magic Kingdom for less at UnionPlus.org/Disney — or call 1-800-565-3712.

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