Go Green with Union Privilege Rebates

Going green can save jobs! As union members and families we have a lot to gain from increasing the energy-efficiency of the American home, car and workplace. Today many unions are creating innovative partnerships with environmental organizations. The goal is to create a more energy-efficient economy with good-paying domestic union jobs in “green” industries. So green your home, green your car, and find out how you can help your union help America go green.

Want to see a little more “green” in your wallet, too? Now with three new money-back rebate programs from Union Plus, you can start saving fuel and money, too.

1.  Save money on heating oil this winter and claim your $100 rebate.  

2.  Get $200 in rebates for purchasing a new EPA-certified union-made car.

3.  Save money with a home energy audit and claim your energy audit rebate.

Posted 10-3-08

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