House Votes Overwhelmingly to Repeal Obamacare “Cadillac” Tax

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to repeal a tax on high-cost health insurance plans under Obamacare known as the “Cadillac tax.” 

The 419-6 vote is a signal of bipartisan unity against a key provision of the Affordable Care Act. The 40% tax on high-cost plans is meant to help subsidize other plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Beginning in 2022, the tax would slap a 40% levy on the value of health insurance plans above $11,200 for single coverage and $30,100 for family policies. The idea was to help control costs by putting a brake on the value of health insurance plans.

TCU opposes a tax on health benefits, health insurance is one of the most important issues for our members, union plans are generally a cut above what non-union employers offer.

TCU President Bob Scardelletti said, “The Cadillac Tax was an attack on good union plans. The House has repealed it. Now on to the senate.“

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