New Accelerated Life Insurance Benefit for Terminally Ill Active Members

May 16, 2008—Active members who are eligible for the life insurance coverage provided through the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan (MetLife Policy 1023000) now automatically have available to them an Accelerated Benefit Option (ABO).

Under the ABO, a participant diagnosed as terminally ill (with no more than 12 months to live) as a result of injury or sickness will be able to receive an immediate payment of up to 50 percent of their life insurance amount.  The payment may be used for any purpose.

A request for the ABO is subject to independent medical review and approval by MetLife.  Payment generally will be made in a lump sum; the remaining insurance benefit payable at death will be reduced by the amount of the accelerated benefit payment.

The ABO is not available to retirees because the option is limited to benefit amounts of $20,000 or more.

To submit a claim for an ABO, contact MetLife Customer Service at 1-800-310-7770.

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