New Scholarship Information from IAM and Union Plus

2010 IAM Scholarship Competition
A new year has begun for the lAM Scholarship Competition. Click here to view the 2010 IAM Scholarship Competition webpage that covers the rules and regulations for lAM members and children of lAM members.

Awards to Members are $2,000 per academic year.  They are granted for a specific period from one to four years to enable the member to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification.

Awards to Children of Members are: College – $1,000 per academic year.  All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained or for a maximum of four years, whichever occurs first.  Vocational/Technical School – $2,000 per year until certification is reached or for a maximum of two years, whichever occurs first.

Also, at the 2004 IAM Grand Lodge convention, the delegates voted unanimously to name one of the scholarships after Roman A. Mayfield, a 55-year member of D.L. 751, now deceased. This will be given to one of the scholarship recipients who best represents the spirit of volunteerism and the strong sense of service to their community that was a hallmark of Brother Mayfield.

Click here to view the Informational letter.

Click here to go to the IAM Scholarship page and to download the Scholarship forms.

Union Plus Scholarship Program 2010  – 11 Information
College-Bound students again have the opportunity to apply for the Union Plus Scholarship Program. The program offers one-time cash grants of $500 to $4000 to help with the costs of attending accredited universities, college or community colleges, or a recognized trade or technical school.

Click here to view the informational letter.

Click here to download the Union Plus Scholarship form.

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