Effective July 1, 2011, Amtrak Retirees Save on Supplemental Coverage with New GA-23111 Plan P

Under the direction of Rail Labor, United Healthcare announced that effective July 1, 2011, all Amtrak Early Retirees currently covered under GA-23111 – Plan E will be moved to a new plan called GA-23111 – “Plan P”.  Also, during a special open- enrollment period, Amtrak Early Retirees who did not previously take advantage of enrolling in Plan E will now be eligible to obtain coverage under Plan P.

GA-23111 – Plan P was created exclusively for Amtrak Early Retirees in response to changes made by Amtrak to the base “contractually negotiated” Early Retiree Healhcare Plan. 

TCU’s National President, Robert A. Scardelletti, welcomed the introduction of Plan P and stated, “It is terrific that Rail Labor was able to create this opportunity, which will provide a substantial savings to our early retired Amtrak members desiring to continue and/or obtain Supplemental Coverage under Plan P.”  President Scardelletti went on to state that “It is critically important that we look for ways to assist our retired Brothers and Sisters, particularly in the areas of saving money and providing them with affordable quality healthcare opportunities.”

Click here to read the release from United Healthcare.

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