TCU Joins Rail Labor in Asking Amtrak to Increase Death Benefit for Employees Due to COVID-19

In a recent letter to Amtrak President and CEO William Flynn, Rail Labor asks for Amtrak to increase the death benefits for employees that pass away due to COVID-19.

The letter states:

Rail transit systems, railroads and bus operation systems in the United States are experiencing a crisis like never before. Transportation employees are facing some of the most hazardous working conditions of their lifetimes. Their jobs are exposing them to a virus that has halted the entire world. The effects of Covid- 19 are still to be determined and these employees must face this reality every workday. They bravely risk contracting this deadly virus, in order to keep the trains running. 

Amtrak railroad workers are essential employees. They are making sacrifices many Americans do not have to make. They’re risking their lives every day to keep America moving during these uncertain times. As the country has advocated for the healthcare community, transportation employees deserve the same. We must protect the families of the Amtrak essential employees. 

Hope, kindness, and perseverance are getting us through these horrific times. The integrity of these essential employees is indescribable. Employers can show their integrity during these times as well. We are asking Amtrak to take action by increasing life insurance benefits to Amtrak employees who pass due to COVID-19. 

Click here to read the full joint letter to Amtrak CEO Flynn.

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