Union Plus Benefits Available to TCU Members

Through Union Plus TCU/IAM members are eligible for special savings and discounts on the following auto related services and products:

1. Auto and home insurance through SnapQuote® offered by MetLife Auto & Home®. Union Members may visit: https://unionplus.deals/a0877 to get a free quote online or call 855-666- 5797 and mention Union Plus Discount Code Dj7.

2. TruCar Auto Buying Services for new and used vehicles in all 50 states, union-made car buying guides, rental car discounts, car buying tips and motor club discounts.

As a complement to the Union Plus Free College associate degree program, Union Plus now offers a low-cost Bachelor’s Degree Completion program to TCU/IAM members and their families. Eligible applicants who have an associate degree or have earned 60 credits or more in the area of study (business management or teacher education), can apply to earn a bachelor’s degree- completely online.

Under an academic partnership with Central State University (CSU), Union Plus offers a Student Success Grant that will be applied toward tuition, fees and books to reduce the out-of-pocket cost to no more than $4,500 per year, for full-time students. (The out-of-pocket cost is no more than $4,000 for students who reside in Ohio).

Central State University is a fully accredited, non-profit public institution located in Wiburforce, Ohio. Students can enroll in the distance learning program from anywhere in the U.S. The program currently offers two bachelor’s degree programs, in Business Administration and Teaching Education.

Click here for information about the low cost degree college program.

Other programs and discounts available to members through Union Plus, include, but are not limited to AT&T discounts, mortgage and financial assistance, and credit cards featuring competitive rates, cashback rewards and much more. Details regarding these and other Union Plus benefits can be found at www.UnionPlus.org.

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