Union Plus Programs for TCU Members

As we work through these troubling times, Union Plus offers Hardship Help to TCU/IAM members and their families in need of financial assistance, including but not limited to the Union Plus Job Loss grants for those with a TCU/IAM credit card or personal loan; Union Plus Mortgage Assistance for Union Plus mortgage customers and other programs. To determine eligibility, members can go to unionplus.org/hardship for further details.

To celebrate Dad’s & Grads or anytime, Union Plus offers TCU/IAM members and their families discounts on AT&T wireless plans and accessories. For a limited time, union members can take advantage of a special offer to get a $100 credit per line when switching to AT&T and buying a smartphone on a qualifying plan.

Discounts available under the AT&T program include:

  • 15% on qualified AT&T wireless plans and service
  • 20% off eligible wireless accessories
  • waived activation fees with select activations

Also, Union Plus Credit Cardholders can combine discounts with other AT&T offers, which include but are not limited to; qualifying for up to $250 in rebates by switching to AT&T and upgrading to a new smartphone. To learn more about the special discounts on wireless plans and accessories under the Union Plus AT&T Discount Program, members can access unionplus.org/att.

Additionally, TCU/IAM members can honor Dad with union-made apparel that shows union pride and solidarity within the labor movement. Members can visit shopunionplus.org and receive a 20% discount through June 30, 2020 by using promo code DAD2020.

Some other programs available through Union Plus include:

  • The Union Plus Health Savings program offers TCU/IAM union families’ savings on out-of-pocket costs for dental, vision, prescription drugs, hearing needs, and retiree health insurance. To learn more visit: unionplus.org/healthsavings.
  • The Union Plus Mortgage Program provides TCU/IAM members, their parents, and children mortgage financing options to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage. Every mortgage with Union Plus Mortgage Company or Wells Fargo provides special hardship assistance in case of disability, lay off, lock out or strike. Members can obtain more information at UnionPlus.org.

In addition, the Real Estate Rewards program powered by SIRVA, provides TCU/IAM members a wide range of options for their home buying needs and full service or do-it-yourself moving options. Members can earn $500 cash back (in cash back states) for every $100,000 in home value after closing with a SIRVA preferred realtor. To learn more visit: unionplus.deals/6lu4 or call 800-284-9756.

TCU/IAM members may visit UnionPlus.org to learn more about these and other valuable benefits through Union Plus. If you have any questions about these or other programs available, please contact the TCU/IAM Social Services Department at 301-840-8762.

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