Union Plus Releases New Credit Cards

Union Plus recently announced the re-launch of a new and improved credit card program. Over the past year, Capital One has worked with Union Privilege to renew the credit card with a stronger rewards program and lower APR.

Many of the card features members have come to rely on remain in place such as, but not limited to, competitive rates, U.S.-based customer service, $0 fraud liability protection if the card is lost or stolen, no penalty rate on existing balances and no foreign transaction fees.

However, with the program’s re-launch, three new key changes have been added:

  • A new cash rewards card that earns unlimited 1.5% cash back
  • A new low APR card that offers low introductory APR of 15 months
  • Improved assistance benefits including: Job Loss Grants, Strike Grants, Disability Grants and Hospital Grants for eligible cardholders

Click here to view the flyer from Union Plus for further details on the two new and improved Union Plus Credit Cards offered through Capital One.

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