TCU Representatives Attend Passenger Railroad Conference on Labor Management Relations

NMB Conference

TCU Representatives with Rich Trumka at the Passenger Railroad Conference from left to right; Mitch Canter, Bryant Cox, Michael White, Nathan White, John Falaris, Rob Barnett, Jane Glassing, Rich Trumka, Dan McLaughlin, Joel Parker, Billy DeCarlo, Sal Rodriguez and Ted Maldobry.

On November 15th and 16th TCU Representatives attended the Passenger Railroad Conference given by the National Mediation Board (NMB) in Washington DC. The conference focused on Labor Management Relations and presented to rail labor and management the critical issues affecting the passenger rail industry. TCU Industry Relations Director Allison Parker served on the Steering Committee of the conference at the request of the NMB. The Keynote speakers were Amtrak President Joe Boardman and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

TCU was represented by a large delegation including: National Vice-President and Special Assistant to the President Joel Parker, National Representative Larry Jones, Assistant National Representative William DeCarlo, Lodge 2512 Local Chairman Mitch Canter, Lodge 2507 Local Chairman Bryant Cox, Lodge 2502 Local Chairman Nathan White, Lodge 2500 Local Chairman John Falaris, Lodge 2503 Local Chairman Rob Barnett, Lodge 584 Local Chairman Jane Glassing, Lodge 1089 Local Chairman Dan McLaughlin, Lodge 2511 Local Chairman Sal Rodriguez, Ted Maldobry,  Charles Jackson, Lodge 626 Local Chairman Anthony Stevens, Lodge 2513 Local Chairman Mark Rachford, Director of Industry Relations Michele Reese and Director of Industry Relations Allison Parker.

The major topics for the conference included:
•    Railroad Security Initiatives and Employee Involvement
•    High Speed Rail and its Impact on Labor-Management Relations
•    Evolution of Social Media in the Workplace
•    State of Arbitration
•    Violence in the Workplace

During the conference Trumka said Amtrak is an “example of the choices our leaders will be making.” Next year, Congress will take up reauthorization of the federal passenger rail program, which reauthorized Amtrak and expires at the end of fiscal 2013.

“We want to see Amtrak expanded and put on sound financial footing,” Trumka said, adding that it plays an “essential role in our national transportation network.” He said now is the right time to invest in its operating and capital needs as well as support its employees.

Trumka also vowed to build a working-class movement to rebuild America’s middle class, “I won’t dance around this idea,” he said. “The right of workers to organize, to bargain collectively and to raise our voices in the public square is just as important as the right to vote. Workers are not a burden. We are the solution. We are the backbone of America.”

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