TCU Asks All Members to Send a Postcard Supporting Voting Rights of Railroad Workers

TCU joins IAM in the campaign to support changes of current election procedures of the National Mediation Board (NMB) which treats non-voters as if they had voted “no.” These NMB rules are unfair, undemocratic and outdated. Representation elections for airline and railroad workers should be decided by the majority of employees voting, just like every other election in America today. Send in a postcard in support of the proposed changes by the NMB.

TCU has mailed a letter and copies of the postcard to every Local Chairman. Ask your Chairman for a postcard to send in or download one here.

Please sign the postcard and give it back to your Local chairman for mailing. All cards must arrive before December 31, 2009, in order to be hand-delivered by January 4, 2010, which is the NMB’s deadline for submitting comments. Please take action now to make sure these important rule changes become effective.

Click here
for a copy of the postcard.

Click here
to view a copy of the letter from TCU President Bob Scardelletti.

Click here to send a pre-printed letter to The NMB.

Click here to download the letter for personal mailing.
Sign this letter and mail to:

National Mediation Board
1301 K Street
Suite 250 East
Washington, D.C. 20005-7011

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