PA Governor Makes Pitch for Federal Rail Funds

Gov. Ed Rendell recently made his pitch for why Pennsylvania and the federal government need to invest more money into the state’s railway system.

Rendell said that freight volume is only expected to double in the next 40 years, resulting in 50 percent more trucks on the highways. By 2030, the number of trucks on Interstate 81, for example, is expected to increase from 10,000 per day to 15,000, Rendell said.

“We know that the capacity of our nation’s roads, rails and seaports is simply not keeping pace with demand,” Rendell said.

The state is also applying for federal funds for the Norfolk Southern Crescent Corridor. If fully funded, the Crescent Corridor would create or preserve more than 73,000 jobs in partnering states, including 26,000 in Pennsylvania, he said.

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