TCU President Scardelletti Urges AFL-CIO To Focus On Protecting And Expanding Existing U.S. Union Jobs

In a letter dated March 22, 2010, TCU President Bob Scardelletti wrote AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka a letter that sets forth a comprehensive strategy to protect and expand existing union jobs in freight rail, Amtrak, and transit and commuter operations.     President Scardelletti urges the AFL-CIO to resist any environmentalist efforts to curb coal utilization that could negatively affect tens of thousands of existing freight rail jobs, as well as thousands of other union jobs in mining, utilities, and other industries. Instead, research should be accelerated on clean coal technology.

On Amtrak, President Scardelletti advocates full funding for Amtrak and support for Amtrak’s ambitious equipment revitalization proposal.

On transit and commuters, President Scardelletti decries the cutbacks in service and layoffs caused by the state fiscal crises at a time when transit and commuter services should be expanding. He urges the AFL-CIO to press hard for immediate and significant federal operating assistance, not just capital grants.

We urge you to read the letter in its entirety, as it presents a needed perspective on a jobs strategy for America. Click here to see the letter.

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