TTD President – Launching a New Era in Job Creation

Ed Wytkind President of the Transportation Trades Department (TTD), of which TCU is a member, was interviewed on the Rick Smith Show.

Ed discussed where the billions of dollars we spend replacing our aging railcars and buses ends up, and how TTD, along with the Jobs to Move America coalition, is making sure those public funds are used to maximize U.S. transportation manufacturing job creation. Because if we’re spending $5-6 billion per year replacing railcars and other rolling stock, Ed points out, “Why not do it in a way that maximizes U.S. job creation? Why not reward high-road employers? And why not make the bidding process – the way in which we procure those purchases – reward those companies that give living wages, have good benefits, have pensions and retirement systems, and have real worker training?”

Click here to listen to the interview.

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