TCU President Bob Scardelletti Gives Back MNPL Prize to be Raffled Again

In a surprise occurrence at the recent MNPL Planning Committee Meeting in Albuquerque New Mexico, TCU President Bob returned the Union Made Can-Am Roadster won by a raffle ticket purchased on behalf of TCU. He returned the motorcycle with a request that it be used for another raffle to raise money for the 2012 IAM Convention.

The gesture was given a thunderous standing ovation with applause that lasted for a few minutes. Bob Scardelletti said, “In the spirit of true brotherly love and as a trade unionist, I, on behalf of our great union donate the bike back to the IAM convention host committee to do it all over again and raise more money to help defer convention expenses.”

President Scardelletti concluded his remarks, “I am damn proud to be a Fighting Machinist!”

Click here to see the story from the IAM.

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