Scardelletti Addresses 1600 ITF Delegates at the Climate Change Congress in Mexico City



TCU President Bob Scardelletti addressed the delegates of the ITF Climate Change Congress in Mexico City. President Scardelletti emphasized the delicate balance between climate concerns and the needs of the union transportation worker.

“A trade union’s primary responsibility is to represent and protect its membership.  The struggle to protect existing jobs and expand employment opportunities is the cornerstone of trade union principles,” said Scardelletti. “We must be the champion of protecting existing jobs in transportation and growing new jobs in mass transit and other clean transportation modes. Our overriding priority must be to protect and enhance the workers we already represent.”

Click here to read the entire statement from TCU President Bob Scardelletti to the ITF Congress.

Click here to view an article released by the International Press Service. This article highlights President Scardelletti’s speech.


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