Rich Trumka Addresses TCU Convention

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka spoke to the delegates of the TCU 33rd Regular Convention. TCU International President Bob Scardelletti introduced Trumka saying, “I know Rich is the man to lead the AFL-CIO…he will stand up to the corporations that try to trample our rights. He will go toe to toe with those on Capitol Hill who oppose the rights we have worked so hard to obtain.” Bob also introduced Rich to his new health care slogan, “You want healthcare…join a union.”

The delegates cheered loudly, standing and waving campaign signs when Mr. Trumka was introduced. Trumka said “What a great introduction…I hope the words I have to say will live up to this.” His words did rouse the expectations of the entire crowd when he said that, “Labor must be united…when someone comes up against one of us, they will know that they face us all.”

TCU and IAM have endorsed Trumka in his bid to become President of the AFL-CIO.

Click here to view the TCU endorsement letter for Rich Trumka.

Click here to view the IAM endorsement letter.


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