TCU Members Attend Steward Training Class in Los Angeles

Twenty-six TCU local representatives attended Shop Steward Training in Los Angeles on September 21st and 22nd.

Mary McHugh from the IAM Winpisinger Center conducted the training. TCU International President Bob Scardelletti and TCU International Vice President Joel Parker both addressed the attendees.

Local 1315 Chairperson Olivia Nelson-Richard, representing Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit members, and Local 938 Chairman Alfredo Alvarez, representing ICTF intermodal members in Long Beach, brought their entire protective committees to the training. Also attending were Assistant International Representatives Jack Dinsdale and Earl Lancaster.

Proper preparation of grievances, claims, and investigations were just a few of the topics covered. The training was designed to prepare stewards for the many different types of challenges facing them on the shop floor, and to provide them with the tools to better represent their membership.

“This class was yet another outstanding example of the benefits of our merger with the IAM for TCU representatives and members,” said International President Scardelletti.

IVP Parker commended all the participants for their enthusiastic participation, noting that “Every person who attended brought their own energy and personal experiences to the training.”

The training topics included:
·       Grievances
·       Understanding Just Cause
·       Contract Claims & Past Practice
·       Investigations/Case Preparation
·       Duty of Fair Representation
·       Listening/Communication Skills
·       Dealing with Management
·       Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

The feedback from everyone who attended was very positive. Olivia Nelson-Richard said, “Mary was awesome…everyone was so pleased. If the training could have gone on all week, everyone would have attended every day.”

Paul Arndt from Local 1315 said, “It was a positive learning experience, and it fortified my strength and determination to uphold our Union contract even more.”

Everyone who attended expressed thanks to Mary McHugh for her instruction and preparation of the class.

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