TCU Stands with Striking Brothers and Sisters at Belshaw

TCU at Belshaw
TCU/IAM National Roger Cain (middle of picture with white hat) stands with the striking IAM brothers and sisters at the Belshaw plant in Auburn, WA.

TCU/IAM National Representative Roger Cain visited the IAM members on strike at the Belshaw plant in Auburn, WA. Stopping by twice to join the members on the picket line and to bring them refreshments.

Sixty-Three Belshaw Adamatic employees, who are members of IAM Local Lodge 79, have been walking the picket line at the Auburn, WA plant since March 24.

Belshaw management has agreed to a medical plan proposed by IAM representatives that would save the company over $20,000 per month, but won’t up wages in return. The members of Local 79, who manufacture high-quality bakery equipment around the world, have unanimously agreed to not accept a proposal that allows Belshaw to keep permanent replacement workers.

Roger Cain said,” We stopped by late Wednesday afternoon and again Thursday morning delivered them food and drinks and walked the line with them. They were very thankful and really surprised.”

TCU President Bob Scardelletti said’ “these hard working men and women are putting it on the line for their rights and benefits. They need all the support we can give.”

TCU/IAM members are encouraged to help their IAM Local 79 Brothers and Sisters.

Click here to visit the TCU page on this strike and learn how to help.

Click here for the IAM District 160 page on this strike.

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