The Final Tally of the Dependents Eligibility Audit

April 25, 2008—It’s good news/bad news from Aetna about the eligibility audit for freight railroad workers (including TCU members working under the National Agreement, not those working at Amtrak). 

The good news is that as of April 15, 2008,  completed responses covering 228,187 dependents and spouses had been put in the records.  Participants voluntarily requested removal of 2,529 dependents.

The not-so-good news is that incomplete responses were received by the insurance company on behalf of 9,044 dependents.  Those who sent partial responses have lost dental plan coverage as of April 15, but will be given one last chance to provide the necessary documents before their medical and vision coverage is also terminated.

The very bad news is that despite numerous efforts at outreach, no response has been received for 17,024 dependents, whose medical, dental and vision plan coverage was terminated as of April 15.  According to Aetna, there are 1,691 dependents of TCU members who have not responded.  Here’s the breakdown:
     CSXT        2,834
     UP             5,852
     BNSF        3,713
     NS             3,082
     KCS             474
TCU Social Services representatives report that all audit data has now been transferred to UnitedHealthcare which will oversee dependent terminations and related audit follow-up.  The Aetna hotline is no longer in operation; any questions about the audit or the status of dependents now should go to UnitedHealthcare at 800-753-2692.

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