TCU/IAM Training Center in San Marcos Texas Gets Full-Size Railcar for Hands-on Training Use

A Trailer Train Company (TTX) Railcar was delivered to the TCU/IAM Training Center in San Marcos Texas. The Gary TCU/IAM Training Program is now able to boast of true hands-on training for the Carmen program.

The railcar was donated by TTX and will be a first for any Carmen training program in the country not on-the-job. For the first time these trainees will perform brake testing and installation, gauging and inspection of the entire brake system of the railcar. They will learn the American Association of Railroads (AAR) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) condemning limits to determine what parts are in need of replacement or repair and the differences in the two standards. Train coupler assembly and repair will be taught on the railcar and every student will be able to tear down and re-install the undercarriage.

The “end of cushing” device on both ends will be available to inspect and gain working knowledge of; which is necessary for Carmen to perform their duties and be able to inspect each part.

The instructors will be able to simulate defects and repair needs in order for the students to learn how to identify and repair; presenting these students with invaluable real-world experience they could not receive from study alone.

“We want to thank Carman General President and TCU National Vice President Richard Johnson and the Carmen Division for their support,” said TCU/IAM Training Services Director Diane Dettmann. “TTX ran a first class operation in managing this on-site project.  We want to thank them for the donation of this railcar and for arranging the labor support and workforce in getting it set up.”

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