Transportation Unions Adopt 2011 Job Creation Agenda – Vow to Stop Repeal of Fair NMB Union Election Rules and Keep Amtrak as a Central Role in High Speed Rail

The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), which TCU is a member, adopted policy on many transportation issues at their recent winter meetings:

  • Protecting organizing and bargaining rights
  • Dealing with the mounting national transit crisis
  • Completing action on long overdue transportation jobs bills
  • The role of Amtrak in high speed rail

“Transportation workers will make their voices heard in 2011 on the issues that impact their jobs, their safety and their rights,” said Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD).  “We have advanced an ambitious agenda focused on making the transportation industry a place where hard working Americans can pursue meaningful careers and through collective bargaining, pursue the American Dream.”

Amtrak must play “a central role in delivering on the promise of high speed rail,” the Executive Committee said.  Praising President Obama for his recommended “infusion of billions more in support of Amtrak,” transportation unions said now is the time to fully fund Amtrak in 2012 at the authorized level of $2.2 billion and reject already discredited proposals to break-up and privatize Amtrak.

“If our political leaders seize this opportunity, this could be the era for Amtrak and its skilled employees to deliver on the promise of higher speed train service on several corridors across America,” Wytkind said.

Click here to read the entire release from the TTD.

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