Your Vote Counts – Elections Have Consequences

Newly elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke about his plans for New Jersey Transit saying,” I am implementing over billion dollars in reduction and reforms to programs that we simply cannot afford in the current economic environment and our current fiscal state. For example, the state cannot continue to subsidize New Jersey Transit to the extent it does, so I am cutting that subsidy. New Jersey Transit will have to improve the efficiency of its operations, revisit its rich union contracts, end patronage hiring that has typified its past and may also have to consider service reductions or fare increases. But that system needs to be made more efficient and effective.”

Reduced support for NJ Transit will cause reduced services and higher fares, which will have the result of increasing the everyday costs on hard working family providers who have no other choice but to use public transit everyday to get to work.

TCU represents over 2300 active and retired members from New Jersey Transit.

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