Wisconsin Gov. Walker Denied in his Request for High Speed Rail Funds – Your Vote Counts

The U.S. DOT announced the states that had applied for high speed rail grants recently, made available after Florida Governor Rick Scott rejected the funds, it was surprising to see Wisconsin on the list. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker re-applied for funds he previously renounced to invest in Milwaukee-to-Chicago rail service. It is not surprising that the request was denied, given Gov. Walker’s actions and over hyped political rhetoric on this issue.

Unfortunately for the people of the state, Wisconsin did not receive any of the money being redistributed from Florida. Working people in Wisconsin were angry when the high speed rail funds for the state were rejected; it instantly doomed thousands of jobs and sent excellent job-creating projects to other states.

“This is not a political game. This is the real world!” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “Good paying jobs with benefits, long term economic growth, these are not the things we play with in order to sound good. Your vote counts! Every TCU member needs to take ownership of the fight and vote, make sure our voices are heard across the country.”

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