Air Transport

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  • Air Transport October 3, 2006

    2007 Day of Action

    OCTOBER 3, 2006 – From air and rail to auto and trucking, transportation is essential to our lives.  But the industry has fallen on tough times over the last few years, leaving its workers unsure about the future.  That’s why it’s important that transportation workers from all over the world join together on May 17,

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  • Air Transport July 10, 2006

    Where Is My Pension?

    JULY 10, 2006 – Twenty five years ago, about four out of every ten workers had a pension plan.  Today, it’s less than one in five and tomorrow that number could be even smaller.

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  • Air Transport November 9, 0201

    American Airlines Workers Industry Best Pay Rates Go into Effect

    This month, approximately 30,000 ground workers at American Airlines will see their industry-leading wage rates reflected in their paychecks. The wage increases for the TWU/IAM Association represented workers will average approximately 22 percent. Mechanic and Related workers will surpass by three percent similarly classified workers at Delta Airlines. Fleet Service, Stores/Material Logistic Specialists and Maintenance

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