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  • iMail , News , Western October 6, 2016

    IAM Members Win New Contract, Wage Hike with City of Long Beach

    IAM Local 1930 members who work for the city of Long Beach, CA finally have a contract after two years of city stall tactics and attempts to bust its largest union.

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  • iMail , News , Western October 4, 2016

    Two Seattle Area Negotiation Committees Complete Negotiation Prep at Winpisinger Center

    [su_iam_images imagesource=”https://www.goiam.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/10_04_2016_NegPrep.jpg” captiontext=”Local 79 Negotiating Committee Members for Gear Works (left) and Western Pneumatic Tube (right) jointly participated in the Winpisinger Center Negotiation Preparation program. Front row, from left: Clifford Games and Terence Norris. Back row: Mark McLavey. Front row, from left: Sokunthia Ouk and Samuel Crissinger. Back row, from left: Jeffrey Bowlby and Evan

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  • iMail , News , Western September 1, 2016

    Local 568 Car Show Raises Big Bucks for Guide Dogs

    [su_iam_image_with_caption imagesource=”https://www.goiam.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/09_01_2016_stansbury.jpg” captiontext=”Stansbury Days Car Show – The annual Stansbury Days Car Show has become a staple fundraiser for Salt Lake City Local 568. This year’s show raised $6,500 for the IAM’s favorite charity, Guide Dogs of America.”] Local Lodge 568 recently held its 8th annual Stansbury Days Car Show in support of Guide Dogs

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  • iMail , News , Southern , Western August 18, 2016

    Donations Needed as Floods, Wildfires Wreak Havoc

    Two communities on opposite ends of the country are each being devastated—one by flood and the other by wildfire—leaving behind a trail of devastation of a magnitude rarely seen. You can help IAM members in these communities by donating to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund. What’s being called the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy,

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  • iMail , News , Western August 2, 2016

    Seattle District 751 Raises $17,500 for GDA

    The winning team from the 2016 Guide Dogs of America Charity Golf Tournament: (from left) Jerod Gillies, Marvin Rosales, Casey Schmidt and Scott Chord. Their best-ball score of 56 for the round gave them a one-shot edge over the second-place team. IAM District 751 held their 25th Annual Guide Dogs of America (GDA) golf tournament

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