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Cincinnati Welcomes Delegates to
the 36th Grand Lodge Convention

It is fitting that Cincinnati, Ohio, the Queen City, welcomes back the IAM for its 36th Grand Lodge Convention. Cincinnati was the host of the IAM's 6th and 30th Grand Lodge Conventions.

At the 6th Grand Lodge Convention in 1895, there were 7,000 members in 338 Local Lodges. At the 30th Grand Lodge Convention in 1980, we had grown to 974,000 members in 1,171 Local Lodges. Today, our active membership is at 380,000 in 1,152 Local Lodges.

The last four years have not been easy ones. Relentless attacks against our country, our jobs and our families have tested our resolve. Our opponents have tried to keep us down.

But the fighting spirit forged in a locomotive pit by 19 brave railroad men doesn't allow any defeatism. The ‘Fighting Machinists’ is more than a slogan; it is our way of life.
Just as those 19 men fought to gain dignity and respect on the job, we too are fighting to retain that dignity and respect in the most anti-worker atmosphere since the Great Depression.

This week, delegates will debate the programs and vote on the policies that will demonstrate our role as North America's Might. Decisions will be made to ensure the stability of our Union so we can grow in strength and move forward.

"By banding together the diversity of our trades, our members and our delegates, we will tap the strength we need to prosper through difficult times," said International President Tom Buffenbarger. "Debate and decisions that come from the Convention floor will be made with a trade unionist heart. And when we return to our District and Local Lodges at week's end it will be with the knowledge that together, this Union will survive and will once again thrive."


Submitted to the
IAM 36th Grand
Lodge Convention

Convention agenda beginning Sunday 9/19/2004

The 36th Grand Lodge Convention Photo Gallery.