Canadians Certify IAM

Machinists Win Certification in Ontario

The IAM organized 70 workers at Purewood Incorporated in Brampton, Ontario after the company agreed to recognize the right of temporary workers to vote for a union.

“This was a tough nut to crack,” said Scott Jackson, District 78 organizer. “The certification vote was held October 17 th but many of the ballots were segregated because the employer felt temporary workers didn’t have the right to vote. The majority of these workers are new Canadians who do not speak English and this process of a segregated ballot can be very intimidating and confusing.”

The Machinists filed a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board and a hearing into the complaint was scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2005. “The company changed its mind just before the hearing was to start and agreed to recognize the ballots of temporary workers and their votes carried the certification,” explained Jackson.

“The assistance of our brothers and sisters from Local Lodges 26 and 1922 was instrumental in overcoming the language barrier,” added Jackson.

The 70 new members of Local Lodge 2243 manufacture a variety of wood products including kitchen cabinets and doors. A meeting will be held next week to elect a bargaining committee in preparation for negotiation of their first collective agreement.

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