China Looks to Rapidly Expand Aircraft Market

December 20, 2005 – Threatening to strip the U.S. of even more manufacturing jobs, China is eyeing a substantial expansion in the aviation market. Through joint ventures with aerospace giants such as Boeing, China has already started to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to create their own manufacturing centers.

The idea of aerospace companies such as Bombardier, Boeing and Cessna relocating work to China, where workers make a fraction of American workers, is a haunting one for workers in Wichita and other aerospace hubs.

Boeing has already spent more than $500 million on parts made in China and is expected to spend another $750 million in the next five years.

Alan Bjerga of the Eagle Washington bureau in Wichita recently took a close look at middle-class workers whose jobs are being threatened by China’s expanding aviation work. Read the article.

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