Chinese Laborers Being Worked to Death

August 16, 2006 – Due in large part to weak labor laws and the government’s failure to enforce them, death from overwork (guolaosi) has become increasingly common in China.

A new report from the China Labour Bulletin highlights just a few of the cases of guolaosi in China, including:

• On July 7, Liu Yunfang, a textile worker at the Changlong Textile Plant in Fujian, suddenly died on the job from heatstroke brought on by sheer overwork.
• On May 28, Hu Xinyu, an engineer at the Huawei Company in Shenzhen died from exhaustion after working excessive overtime hours for nearly one month.
• Last year, He Chunmei, a 30-year-old woman employed at the Huaxin Arts and Handicrafts Company Ltd. in Guangzhou, collapsed on the road outside the factory just after finishing her third overtime shift in 72 hours.

Read more from China Labour Bulletin.

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