Economy, Domestic Issues Top List of Voter Concerns

January 2, 2008 – A host of domestic issues, including the economy and health care, are the most pressing issues among Americans as the 2008 elections move forward, according to polling released by the Associated Press and Yahoo News.

Fifty-three percent of respondents listed health care as an “extremely important” issue in the 2008 elections, up from 48 percent in November. The poll found 65 percent of Americans favor universal health care coverage, compared to just 34 percent who favor the current system.

The economy was also a top concern, with 52 percent of those polled rating it as “extremely important”, up from 46 percent in November. Nearly 50 percent of Americans listed Social Security and gas prices as “extremely important” as well, ahead of such issues as the war in Iraq and terrorism.

On both the economy and health care, a majority of those polled overwhelmingly favored Democrats to handle the issue over Republicans.

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