HPWO Resources

Labor – Management partners seeking to build a High Performance Work Organization Partnership have access to a variety of resources available from the HPWO Partnerships Department. These resources are available to partnerships to assist in the development and implementation of an HPWO Partnership.

Listed below are brief descriptions of the various resources and other services available to HPWO Partnerships. As well, the HPWO Partnerships Department Staff can work with your site to customize any education and training to meet workplace specific needs. Details of availability, costs (if any), and customization are available by contacting the HPWO Partnerships Department staff.

It is important to understand that when an IAM-represented site requires any assistance from the HPWO Partnerships Department staff, the request must be made through the Servicing Representative.

The HPWO Partnerships Department can be reached at 301-967-4773 or HPWO@iamaw.org

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